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COVID-19 A Message to our Community

To our valued patients, customers, family and community members,

At Tyrone Pharmacy and Clinic, our purpose is to be a family that cares for and looks after your family's health and wellbeing. That has never been truer than right now. We are doing everything in our power to ensure the health and safety of our staff, and our customers at this pivotal time.

We are following all guidelines and recommendations from the CDC and NICD on the steps we can take to prevent the spread of the virus, including providing sanitisers at our entrance, at all dispensing and till points, enforcing social distancing with guideline markings on the floor, increased cleaning schedules (we have employed an additional cleaner over this time) and cleaning of credit card machines. We have provided our staff with personal protective equipment (PPE). At our clinic we are monitoring all patient's temperatures, enforcing the use of sanitisers, and we have a rigorous cleaning schedule.

When it comes to protecting our community's heath - we are working very hard to source and stock hand sanitiser, gloves, masks and thermometers. We are monitoring out of stock medications and have regular contact with suppliers. We receive stock from suppliers twice a day - please check our facebook page for updates of essential items.If you don't find stock, please know that we are working to find inventory, and meet the demand. We have managed to secure a large number of flu vaccines specifically for our community, please come in and have your flu vaccination done.

Trading Hours: 
During the 21 day lockdown we have reduced our trading hours slightly to facilitate transport for our staff.
Our Lock Down trading hours are:
Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00
Saturday 8:30-1:00
Closed Sunday and public holidays
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30-5:00
Tuesday, Thursday 8:30-3:00

We have a Doctor at the clinic on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 8:30-12:30, and on alternative Saturday mornings.

Clinic Services during COVID19:
We are not a COVID19 testing site - if you suspect you have COVID19 or are worried about your symptoms please phone us first so that we can either arrange to email a testing form to you and you can go directly to the lab for testing or we can advise you on the nearest site for government testing.

All patients arriving at Tyrone Clinic will be temperature screened, and you will be asked to wear a mask if you are coughing. We are enforcing social distancing, and ask that you sanitise your hands on entering the clinic. Thank you for your compliance, understanding and patience.

We are continuing with all essential clinic services and doctor visits.

Flu Vaccines
The flu vaccine will not protect you against COVID19 but will protect you against getting FLU this winter. And since you're still more likely to get the flu than the coronavirus, having the flu vaccine is one of the best ways, along with good hygiene, (washing your hands, covering your cough, avoid touching your face, staying away from crowded places), you can stay healthy.

The flu vaccine is essential for health care workers, frontline staff/ essential workers during lockdown. It is highly recommended for persons over 65, those with underlying cardiac or lung disease, pregnant women and those living with HIV/ AIDS. Then the NICD recommends that anyone who can get a flu vaccine, should have one.

Not everyone can have the flu vaccine - those severely allergic to eggs cannot have the vaccine, nor can infants under 6 months of age be vaccinated. Patients with severe immune disorders to please speak to your doctor before immunisation.

March/ April is the ideal time to be vaccinated against flu as it allows sufficient time for the body to make antibodies to the influenza virus strains in the vaccine, before winter comes.

What side effects can I expect from vaccination? Side effects are usually mild and range from pain or itching at injection site, to mild aches and pains, and in rare cases headache and a slight fever. They usually disappear in a day or two and respond well to paracetamol if required.

We will be vaccinating healthcare workers, the elderly waiting, and other vulnerable persons in the queue, so as to minimise their risk. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Pharmacy services during COVID19

We have put our staff on a rotational schedule to minimise their exposure - we ask for your understanding and patience if you find the pharmacy a little busier than expected.

You are welcome to email or phone the pharmacy with your order and we will prepare it, thus minimising your waiting time. You can email us on [email protected] or phone us on 011 646 3818

A reminder that we deliver. If you are unable to come into the pharmacy or are self-isolating, we can deliver your medication. If you email or phone us before 3pm, we will endeavour to deliver the same day.

What treatment should I stock up on in case I get COVID19?

There is currently no specific treatment or vaccine available for coronavirus.Treatment should try to relieve the symptoms of coronavirus, so we advise people to use the following:

Paracetamol for high temperature, aches and pains - follow the directions on the packet and don't exceed the recommended dose
Cough medicines or natural remedies like honey and lemon or salt water gargling. 
Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration - urine should be a pale clear colour.
Stock plenty of tissues etc.

If your symptoms are more severe, and you are struggling to breathe, then please call your doctor.

Remember: to stay as safe and healthy as possible:

1.Wash your hands often with soap and water (for at least 20 seconds) and use hand sanitiser if hand washing is not available.

2. Cover your cough or sneeze.

3. Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.

4. If you have to go out for food or medical supplies - remember social distancing is essential.

5. Otherwise stay home and stay safe. Try to eat healthy nutritious meals, and do a little yoga to help reduce your stress!

We will continue to keep you updated.

Thank you for your patience and your support during this uncertain time. We can't express enough how much we appreciate you choosing us to be your pharmacy.

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